The conceptual design of ECOdip containers dates back to 2004.
Based of professional experience of our Swedish partner and our own technological know-how, we developed the first deep- collection containers and were one of the first providers in the European market. Over the years, we become new knowledge, experience and improving the product according to the high expectations of the market and the demands of our customers. Strong will and constant development of ECOdip containers for deep collection of waste, have brought us as a supplier to many cities across Europe and Scandinavia. The production activity is certified according to quality standards and environmental standards ISO 9001 in ISO 14001 – and takes into account all the guideline of the European standards and recommendations of individual countries.
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ECOdip – containers for underground waste collection

Modern and efficient waste collection solution with additional features and customized modules for individual users.

Volumen: 1300 L
Volumen: 3000 L
Volumen: 5000 L


Start of delivery to Varaždin

With our Croatian company Vodoplast Promet we have begun the process of supplying the ECOdip semi-underground waste containers to the Municipality of Varaždin. 

Most importantly, the container is safe and easy to charge.

A timeless collector that conforms to the surroundings. Reliable, ergonomic and larger volume.

The lifting hook is positioned in such a way that the work is easy and safe. The lid and bag move ease.