The placement in the space must be in accordance with the surroundings – different materials are available for the user: wooden, composite or ALU lining. At the same time, the design can be adapted to the wishes and requirements of the user.
Clean and comfortable environment – larger collection area prevents the collection of waste bags next to the collectors, their overfilling, unpleasant odors and free access to animals.

With help of visualizing we approach our customers the placement in the space:

Classic collector

ECOdip collector
Departure 1x weekly 1x /10-15 days
Vehicle 2x different vehicles 1x vehicle
Capacity 7.200 l 10.000 l
Surface 9 m2 5 m2
Odor of unpleasant odor without unpleasant odors
Access access to content, vandalism-spilling of content fixed placement of containers

Most importantly, the container is safe and easy to charge.

A timeless collector that conforms to the surroundings. Reliable, ergonomic and larger volume.

The lifting hook is positioned in such a way that the work is easy and safe. The lid and bag move ease.