29. March, 2019

In the municipality of Črnomelj we have installed collectors for deep waste collection ECOdip. In the cemetery there was a 5000 L collector for collecting candles, a 3000 L biological waste collector and two 3,000 L collectors for other waste.

Some basic advantages of ECOdip collectors:

  • in the same room, a 5x larger quantity of waste is collected (because 2/3 of the collector is in the ground)
  • consequently there is less waste removal
  • fewer employees are required
  • the appearance of the area itself is significantly better or more coherent with the surroundings
  • in the above example, an ampoule is installed inside the candle collector, which can- in case of fire – automatically activate the fire extinguishing system and thus prevent its spread.

Most importantly, the container is safe and easy to charge.

A timeless collector that conforms to the surroundings. Reliable, ergonomic and larger volume.

The lifting hook is positioned in such a way that the work is easy and safe. The lid and bag move ease.