In our company Aplast d.o.o from 8-10 April took place a meeting of all European distributors of ECOdip containers. The interest in underground storage has increased extensively in recent years, which is why we organized a meeting with existing and potential distributors from many European countries.

In the municipality of Črnomelj we have installed collectors for deep waste collection ECOdip. In the cemetery there was a 5000 L collector for collecting candles, a 3000 L biological waste collector and two 3,000 L collectors for other waste.

The IFAT fair in Munich is regarded as one of the leading fairs in the field of environmental technologies. In addition to the production program rotomoulding, this time we presented for the first time independently with the ECOdip program.

Our ECOdip collectors for deep collection waste are a popular solution for the problem of waste collection in domestic locations. Among other things, since the beginning of the summer, they have been installed near the Jasna Lake in Kranjska Gora and at the entry point Topolino in front of Mojstrana.

Most importantly, the container is safe and easy to charge.

A timeless collector that conforms to the surroundings. Reliable, ergonomic and larger volume.

The lifting hook is positioned in such a way that the work is easy and safe. The lid and bag move ease.